If you company has set up a deposit account in our bank and you need to prove to the 3rd party the amount of deposits in our bank, we may issue statement of deposits for you to prove the amount of deposits of your company in our bank on the date of issuance.

We may only issue the statement of deposits only in the currency of your account. The statement of deposits can only prove the amount of deposits of your company in our bank on the date of issuance and the bank is not liable for any changes of the amount after the date of issuance.

The statement may not be used as guarantee or collateral. 

You need to fill the Application for a Statement of Deposits and submit it to our bank. The application must be sealed. After passing the internal review of the bank, you need to pay the processing fees. The bank will issue the statement of deposits after all necessary check.

Corporate Team Deposits

If your company or organization has a large amount of frequently idle funds, you may set up a corporate term deposit account with the agreed term and interest rate in our bank and withdraw the deposit upon maturity to get a higher interest income. 

Any business, non-profit, government agency, military unit, association or proprietor within the PRC that meets the requirements of PBC regulations may open a term deposit account at a WCB branch.

Corporate time deposits can be made in 7 types for periods of 1 month, 3 months, half year, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and 5 years respectively. The interest within the appointed deposit term shall be calculated at the interest rate quoted on the date of deposit , and the interest rate shall not be adjusted to the prevailing interest rate. Specific interest rates can be referred to the “Table of Interest Rates for Local and Foreign Currencies”. The minimum amount of time deposit is RMB 10,000 with no upper limit. At the time of deposit, customers can agree with WCB on automatic redeposit upon the date of maturity and the time deposits will be automatically renewed then.

WCB branch will issue your company or organization a WCB Corporate Term Deposit Account Confirmation when you apply for this service. The Confirmation only serves to confirm that the depositor has opened an account; it may not be used as collateral.

When you withdraw the term deposits, you may only transfer them into your basic deposit account. You may not use the term deposits for settlement or withdraw cash from the term deposit account. Your company may withdraw one part or the whole of the term deposits before expiration as a lump sum for only once. The interest rate for demand deposits will be applied for the amount of deposits withdrawn before maturity. 

If you wish to open an account for corporate term deposits, please submit the following documents:

an application for such account, the original copy of its operations permit, the authorization statement of the legal representative, and a copy of its seal. The seal may be the organization’s special seal for finance, its legal representative’s seal (or chief executive’s seal) or its financial manager’s seal.