Basic requirements:

  1. Targets: The borrower shall be the PRC citizen aged 18 or above with full capacity of civil conduct. In addition, the sum of his/her age and the loan tenure shall not exceed 60.
  2. Loan Limit: Minimum loan limit shall be RMB100,000 while the maximum shall be RMB5 million.
  1. Loan Tenure: The loan tenure shall usually be one year (including one year) while the maximum loan tenure shall not exceed five years.
  1. Loan Interest rate: Interest rate shall be executed in accordance with loan interest regulations set by World Construction Bank.
  1. Ways of collateral: All the collateral measures shall be done in the ways of collateral, pledge and guarantee. However, mere guarantee provided by the third parties would not be accepted.
  1. Repayment method: loan tenure shall be set within one year. Payment shall be made by adopting either one of the following methods: repaying interests monthly and principal on irregular basis, equal payment of principal and interest, equal payment of principal and single end-of-term payment. For loan tenure more than one year, regular equal payment of principal and interest or equal payment of principal shall be made for repaying principal or interests. For detailed repayment methods, the applicant should consult with the local branches about the terms and conditions for repayment and specify that in the contract.
  1. Documentary proof required for application

(1). Resident identity cards of the applicant and his/her spouse, household register or valid residential proof, residential address proof and martial status certificate of the applicant and her/his spouses.

(2). Documentary proof for repayment of loans by the borrower and his/her spouses.

(3). For those holding operational licences engaging in production or franchised chains, they shall submit original copies and photocopies of licenses issued by the related administration departments. For partnership or corporate, they shall submit original copies and photocopies of documents like partnership agreements, articles of associations and proof of assets and capital agreement.

(4). Proof of loan purpose (e.g. purchase orders etc.)

(5). Tax statement proofs for production and operation.

(6) Documentary proof for the borrower’s acquisition of pledge and pledge right proof needed for applying for credit line of pledged loan, list of pledge and collateral, documentary proof of ownership, consent of owner and co-owners, and official document for the pledge.

(7). Collateral valuation report compiled by the authorized departments or institutions recognized by tier-2 or above branches of World Construction Bank.

(8). Other documents required by WCB.

Loan Application Procedures

  1. Loan Application: Applicant should make an application to the bank, fill in the application form and submit the supporting documents
  1. Signing the contracts: The bank should verify all the documents that the applicant has submitted. Once the application is approved, the two parties should sign the loan contract, guarantor contract, and also handle all the necessary notarial and collateral registration that subjects to different situations.
  1. Loans disbursement: Loans approved by the bank shall be transferred to the personal settlement bank account designated by the borrower, once all the procedures have been completed in accordance with the contract.
  1. Regular repayment: Applicant should repay interests and principal according to the payment scheme and payment method stated in the contract.
  1. Loan Closing: Closing of loan is categorized into the planned and advanced closing. 1. Planned closing: Loan closed on due date (one-off payment of principal and interest) or in the last installment period (installment payment),
  2. Advanced closing: if the borrower would like to repay part or allof the loans before the due date, he/she shall make an application to the bank in accordance with the loan contract. After being approved by the bank, the borrower should then repay at the specific counters in the branches.

After clearing the loans, the borrower should reclaim with the validate identity documents, the legal loan closing proof issued by the bank and other supporting documents. He/She should also nullify the collateral record in the collateral registration department with the loan closing proof.

(All the above information is for reference only. All the procedures should be done in accordance with the rules stipulated by local branches of World Construction Bank. For details, please consult the local branches of China Construction Bank first before your application in order to save your time.)